For the LCS Your Local Comic Shop section we are inviting all of our Eager Readers the chance to promote their own local comic book shop (LCS) with a short description, photos, and a link to their web site.

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So get to it!

My local comic shop is Red Shirt Comics!

It is a great place to get new books, vintage books and Gojira toys, and all manner of geek fanfare.

There is a pull list, clubs for Magic the Gathering and other reading or gaming endeavors, and most importantly a caring owner whose passion is the stories woven about speculative fiction, like Star Trek, and, of course, comic books.

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From the Owner Josh on his Indiegogo where the LCS began:

“I want to bring a modern, intelligent retailer’s point of view to the oft-times poorly executed comic book shop, while expanding on those pop-culture interests shared by comic readers, offering cosplay products, lifestyle goods, apparel and pop culture collectibles.

“Red Shirt Comics will be an open, welcoming shop for ALL who want to walk through the door. Whether somebody knows that Deadpool’s first appearance was New Mutants #98 or they just really liked the Deadpool movie, all are welcome…

“After losing my father to ALS just two months before my wedding, I sometimes think about the notion of Legacy. My father was an attorney. And while I’ll probably never go through Law School to pick up the family trade, it occurred to me that he was more than an attorney, he was a small business owner and entrepreneur, running a successful practice for longer than I have been alive.

“That’s the Legacy I want to uphold.”

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This is my personal LCS, so now it is your turn to share and help promote the great local comic book shops everywhere! ~RJH



322 Main St

Port Jefferson, NY 11777

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