COVER #2 reveals secret Comic-Spy world’s long history, and it is far more extensive and intense than you would expect.

Two issues in, the Jinxworld series COVER, created by David Mack and Brian Michael Bendis, is an absolute gem.

Simply put: COVER #2 is a smart web of a spy thriller!

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Max Field could not possibly imagine that his life as a successful comic creator would make for the perfect cover, as the CIA and US intelligence community seek to monitor some very chaotic areas of the world in an extraordinary manner: with a paintbrush rather than a gun . . . at least for now.

Max’s CIA recruiter, Julia, is a big fan of the art form and seems to exude a coy attraction for the creator of Ninja Spy Odyssey.

But she is also an extremely intelligent agent with great wherewithal for societies and, in particular, for managing people.

The writing and story pick up at a great pace.

And COVER’s riveting narrative is told with a menagerie of art styles that feed into and off of each other powerfully.

If you are familiar with David Mack’s work, you know that his unique vision features all manner of mediums in a way that is all his own, and for COVER he dares to tread further and further into new territory.

The colors by Zu Orzu are impactful and essential to the plot as it is revealed on the pages.

Mack and writer Brian Bendis’ words are realistic, tight and effective, and the letters from Carlos M. Mangual provide punch to the right annunciations making for a life-like experience.

The stakes are monumental in COVER #2 . . . right out of the gate.

The art spurred by emotion goes from heavily inked sections emitting fierce emotion and brilliant themes of color that shift to vivid watercolor reminiscing.

Max even seems to lose detail on the page when he is confused and indecisive.

The following look at COVER #2 will have *SPOILERS*

For a spoiler-free look at the first issue check out “Cover #1 By Bendis, Mack: CIA Comic Creator Spy Spectacular!

To start, the issue features an all black panel and one ominous line: “Do you think you were the first?”

An impassive face talks of “Nazi hunters, magicians”, and people who he is grouping in with Max as being missing for over forty years.


david mack, brian bendis, bendis, Bill Sienkiewicz, cover, jinxworld, dc comics, Cover #2, Cover 2, COVER #2

And out of the blackness there is Max tied to a chair making quips at the interrogator who is a fellow creator that he recognizes, named Essad Sinns.

How did Max go from dinner with Julie the fan and CIA recruiter to being beaten and threatened by a fellow creator turned intelligence op?

That is a question that will need to be explored as the series progresses.

We do seem to get Max squirming in the face of a large knife and spilling his recent history with Julia at the Istanbul comic convention where he is cooperative in gifting Julia’s bugged Limited-Edition Ninja Sword Odyssey pendant to the President of Turkey.

Max’s character was at first reluctant to even stand next to Julia as she surprised him at the airport, incognito.

And his trepidation and symbolic feeling of being lost and unsure of his role in the world is reflected in the pages of his comic book that he creates and are featured via an artist’s silhouette and then stark water color panels telling the tale of the ninja’s son.

As Max has issues with his own father that could be considered hairy and unsettled, the father-son pairing in Max’s comic have a reflective, though far different message.

david mack, brian bendis, bendis, Bill Sienkiewicz, cover, jinxworld, dc comics, Cover #2, Cover 2, COVER #2

The son’s teacher was his father.

The father’s teacher left him a tsuba without a sword, and it was this teacher who taught the father how to survive.

One day the father promises he will give his son the sword to fill it.

And he instructs on the new world: the days of the samurai are being replaced with a “new kind of war. Of secrecy and information. Of subtlety.” and the ninja conducts their battles “in between the lines.” [COVER #2]

The making of a sword and the making of a person fulfilling a vital role in the world come across poignantly.

COVER #2’s coming of age sword sequence is marvelous.

When Max starts to get actively involved and inquisitive, the vague visuals from the start of the book become more vivid with bright watercolors and detailed looks at Julia who he is trying to measure up.

She has built quite a relationship with Max, and slips from her diplomatic mask to get personal and rant about the importance of books being lost in today’s world.

The words and art closing COVER #2 have a meaningful message and are incredibly moving.

Rarely does art and writing and storytelling get across such a powerful message in so short a space and do it so personally and beautifully.

Emanating some of Ray Bradbury from Fahrenheit 451, and much more, Julia reveals herself to be the only reader she knows and is even looked down upon for it.

Ignorance in the world, she states, can be solved through the sharing of story.

It is touching and remarkable.

And then Max is back to the present, and gray tones, and is being beaten to a pulp.

COVER #2 is an amazing piece of standalone art.

It is inspiring.

Get this book, in both incredible covers, A by David Mack and B by Bill Sienkiewicz, at your local comic store (Red Shirt anyone) STAT!

When does Issue #3 come out?

david mack, brian bendis, bendis, Bill Sienkiewicz, cover, jinxworld, dc comics, Cover #2, Cover 2, COVER #2 david mack, brian bendis, bendis, Bill Sienkiewicz, cover, jinxworld, dc comics, Cover #2, Cover 2, COVER #2

“COVER #2 Reveals Secret Comic-Spy World’s Long History” was written by R.J. Huneke.