Major X brings booming new mysteries to Marvel at in Rob Liefeld’s tale from the X-Force and X-men universe.

Apparently sprung from an idea masterful writer and artist Rob Liefeld had in the 90’s, Major X #1 begins an epic new series of mutant events and a host of new twists and characters.

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Mr. Liefeld did create Deadpool, Domino, and Cable, after all.

These mutants have been fan favorites and it is not hard to see why: they were introduced and immediately intertwined brilliantly for intense storylines, great lines adding to greater personalities, and, lest we forget, they each have signature badass looks.

Spoiler* ALERT for Major X #1 by Rob Liefeld, Adelso Corona, Dan Fraga, Romulo Fajardo Jr. and VC’s Joe Sabino.

major x, major x #1, rob liefeld, deadpool, cable, domino, dreadpool, wolverine, beast, x-men, x-force

That Major X #1 kicks off like a blitz of action, mystery and suspense gives readers a phenomenal new wrinkle in time for mutants in the X-Men and X-Force universe.

Major X starts off having thoroughly kicked Cable’s ass.

And much of the X-Force, too, have been taken out.

A weirdly colored and much stronger Hank ‘Beast’ McCoy is fighting alongside the stranger in a soldier’s uniform and helmet of sorts.

There seems to be some kind of power emanating from a crystal-like piece in his chest, and Major X proceeds to go toe to toe with Wolverine.

His sword locks with Logan’s and the Major reveals it is adamantium.

The grizzled mutant inquires as to where anyone could have gotten enough of the rare substance to fashion such a sword.

And the Major reveals that it was made from Wolverine’s bones in the future!

A mutant utopia is abruptly destroyed in Major X’s time, and the one mutant who has sustained it has gone missing.

Is this an old Charles Xavier?

We do not know.

What becomes quickly apparent is that a foul tongued mutant, seemingly Deadpool bashes in and proceeds to try and murder Beast – who he calls a wookie – and the Major.

They want to know who hired him.

Clearly the mystery of the collapsing utopia comes down to this assassin’s benefactors.

But he is too much for them.

Until the real Deadpool, from Cable’s timeline in the present, drives a motorcycle into the room and fights off the new mysterious villain, Dreadpool!

After seeing the fight, I noticed the subtle change that Dreadpool had more of a helmet than a mask.

And Deadpool himself, using that iconic humor, makes fun of Dreadpool’s shoulder-pads, which is Liefeld clearly poking fun at himself who used many large shoulder pads on his drawn characters in the 90’s when it was popular.

The intertwining of many great characters for fantastic story is here again in Major X #1.

What concludes the book?

Why the revelation that the Major is in fact Alexander Summers, Cable’s future son.

Hold onto your butts, because this is an epic new comic book series in the making!

“Major X Brings Booming New Mysteries To Marvel At” was written by R.J. Huneke.

major x, major x #1, rob liefeld, deadpool, cable, domino, dreadpool, wolverine, beast, x-men, x-force